Savannah, Georgia

Savannah…..beautiful, peaceful Savannah! The capital city of Georgia state.

The city of pretty cobblestoned streets, horse drawn carriages, perfectly manicured squares and oak trees galore. Where life is so laid back, even the cars drive slowly!Friday 20th October 2017 cont…

This trip aboard the Greyhound was night and day compared to the last one. Only three hours long, I had an empty seat beside me for the whole trip, no dodgy stop offs at service stations and a complimentary shuttle pick up from the hotel I was staying at….perfect.

The Baymont Hotel (again, no hostel options) was a just short trip of about 6 miles from the Historic District so staff offered a two hourly, free service bus which was ideal. Arriving just after lunch time, I decided not to waste the whole day and took the next shuttle in the afternoon to have a little explore and get some food.

I had a lovely walk along River Street, a little gem in the city with cute Cafés for coffee and ice creams and all the usual seaside tourist shops (where the locals love a comedy sign!) before stopping off at one of the restaurants, Tubby’s, for dinner.

The lady driving the mini bus had given me some recommendations of things to do and places to eat, suggesting that if I liked seafood then this was the place to be. So needs must, I sacrificed the traditional Southern cuisine of fried chicken and replaced it with fried shrimp and hushpuppies (a little savoury battered side dish that is apparently served with seafood in this neck of the woods, of course also fried!)

Afterwards, on to the lovely area of City Market. With it being a Friday evening, there were lots of people enjoying some of the live music and the quaint little bars along with their ‘Savannah Peach Margaritas’.

I instantly felt safe walking around so it was nice to feel able to relax…. a lovely start to the weekend here.

Saturday 21st October 2017

Todays training session on the plan was Parkrun, so a 5K run with a bit of pace included. Normally back home I could have gone all out to get a real sense of what shape I’m in but when you’re in a new place with new routes and no official ‘Parkruns’ in the area it’s a little bit more tricky. Still, all was not lost, find a park and make your own…D.I.Y. Parkrun Savannah style in the most gorgeous setting of Forsyth Park; beautiful fountains and the biggest green space with oak trees galore on its border.


Running the perimeter of the park where it was less busy was just under 1 mile in distance, so around 3.5 laps and I was done. IMG_3371The only downside being having to run with my backpack of stuff because I was so far away from the hotel. Still, not too much of a problem.  Can only make it feel easier when I’m running without it right?…

Stretches done and then some lunch.

Not that I could ever choose to be but I’ve realised if you are vegetarian in the South you’re pretty much snookered! Meat with double helpings of even meatier sides and not a green in sight. It is definitely more difficult when you’re travelling but I was still keen to try and keep some kind of pre-marathon diet in check!…plenty of time for treats afterwards…if they have been earned of course. IMG_3348

But look….Vegetables!…..Salad! It’s a start!

In the afternoon, some more sightseeing through the Squares, each with their own little link to history…And with one of particular interest in celebration to our national legend, Rabbie Burns. Followed by another wee walk (in the opposite direction) along the Savannah River.

Sunday 22nd October 2017

Sundays = Long run day.

Today, the last double digit run of ten miles before NYC, alternating between one easier paced mile and one at 9:40 min mile. I have realised running in parks or following long, straight out and backs seem to be the best of options, at least until I find my bearings in new places a little to make sure I am not wandering off and getting lost in areas I shouldn’t. So for today, ten and a bit lap torture around Forsyth Park, another hot and humid one on the cards according to the weather (not that I am complaining in the slightest!)

Boy it wasn’t wrong! I was wearing completely the wrong clothes on account of thisIMG_5254 wet stuff that I didn’t recognise anymore (I later remembered we call it rain) IMG_3374falling from sky before I left. From about 4 miles in I was suffering with the heat and all I could think and fantasise about was an ice cold drink…that and stopping! I wasn’t getting too stressed about how difficult it felt on account of the perceived effort of pace often feeling way more difficult in the heat. Fingers crossed, at least that hopefully won’t be too much of a problem further North in the ‘Big Apple’.

The shower following the run was as cold as the drink, refreshed and ready to go, todays tourist stops included a tasty gelato cone…Mango and Key Lime…

(Mmm Mmm Mmm!) a nice little reward for my long run effort, there goes the healthy eating! Then afterwards, a short walk to see St John the Baptist Cathedral and some of the other landmarks pinpointed on my little freebie map that I hadn’t quite made it to yet.

Monday 23rd October 2017

Back to cross training today…40 minutes easy Elliptical done first thing then check out and luggage drop by ‪11am‬. The hotel also offer free drop off service at the airport which I was taking advantage of later.

With a flight booked to take me to Nashville in the wee hours of ‪tomorrow morning‬, I was trying to think outside the box a little and decided I could save some pennies on a nights accommodation. My thinking being if I need to be at the airport half way through the night was there really any point in having a room for a few hours? Well, no! So, I’ll just get myself here at the latest time I can be dropped off, have a little nap somewhere and turn the departure lobby in to a free nights lodgings!

I spent the next part of the day finishing off the sights and then a bit of time in a Starbucks in the afternoon catching up on some blogging and booking of things for further down the line. The hotel bus dropped me off at the airport some time around 7.30pm…ten hours ahead of schedule and quite possibly the earliest I’ll ever be for a flight in my life!

Still, my room for the night was very peaceful and soon I was the only person in the check in area for most of the night. I can’t say it was the most comfy, contorted in random positions to try and nap on a chair, of course whilst playing the ‘falling game’ every time I dozed off.

It didn’t particularly make for the best nights sleep but I can’t complain really, I mean, it was free and I did have Mr Spotify to help the time pass. Just as well really on account of you folks back home even being too sleepy to keep me company….really, how rude!

Savannah was lots of fun, and a nice change to a slightly slower pace of life from some of the big cities I have visited so far. But for now, time to look out the cowboy hat. Next stop, Nashville, Tennessee… and I’m pretty excited about this one!

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