A very quick stop in El Capital…

Thursday 28th December 2017

The rest of the day was pretty much spent travelling on the bus, which thankfully turned out to be night and day to the American Greyhound Experience. Phew!

I didn’t get in to the bus station in Canberra until around 8pm, so other than walking to hostel and making some supper, I didn’t really do very much in the evening either. I knew that there wasn’t really very much here in the way of things to see so I’m sure with an early start, I’ll be able to pack most of it in to tomorrow.

Friday 29th December 2017

Glebe Park was the starting point for this mornings session, an easy 40 minute run at recovery pace. Perfect to take it some of the other sights around the city too as there was no challenge with pace so it didn’t matter if I got a little lost or made a few extra stops to take some photographs.


I managed to run along Anzac Parade where all of the impressive war memorials are, with the grand building for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the top of the steps in the distance.

I passed by Canberra Museum and Gallery as I ran through the main streets of the city centre and finally past the Government Buildings in the distance as the last landmark on my list. All done by lunch time so I managed to make a nice post-run coffee stop for another cup of that Aussie deliciousness in the afternoon and caught up with some more of the blog backlog.

Saturday 30th December 2017

Next stop…Sydney! I C A N N O T wait!

This is probably the place in Australia that I am most excited about visiting. An early start to catch the train to Central Station. Just four hours to go and I’ll be there!

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